Since 1946, VK Powell has been providing its clients with the highest level of quality construction. Through dedication to client service, we have built long lasting relationships. As a result of these relationships, the majority of our work originates from repeat clients or referrals from past clients. Although our project mix tends to be more negotiated, we keep a steady workload of hard money bid jobs.

Company History

VK Powell Construction represents four generations of construction history.  V. K. Powell was a craftsman carpenter who would arrive with his hand tools and his construction knowledge to build or repair whatever was needed.  A porch addition, new kitchen cabinets, and sometimes a new home or barn were the types of projects V. K. Powell completed back at the beginning of the last century.  Whenever it was needed, the owner or neighbors were expected to provide a helping hand (there was no crew or payroll).  Today it takes trailers, multiple pieces of heavy equipment, months of planning and an extensive team of experts.  

The seed V. K. planted over seven decades ago continues to grow today.  Since those early times, V.K. Powell has grown into a regional leader providing general construction services throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We are a vibrant company with a diverse staff of craftsmen and professionals having a variety of construction experience and knowledge.  

With all the technological tools used in today's construction, V.K. Powell remembers its past.  The company is now in its 4th iteration and the owners maintain a personal involvement with all projects, ensuring the project's success and ultimate achievement of our client's needs. 

Mission Statement

VK Powell Construction exists to build quality projects and lasting relationships.

Our Core Values

  • INTEGRITY: We conduct our business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness.
  • QUALITY: "If a job is worth doing, it is a job worth doing right." This philosophy held true when the company was founded and still holds true today.
  • ENJOYMENT: We are in the construction business because we enjoy building.  In order to succeed, this enjoyment must be passed on to our clients.


Safety is above all else.  VK Powell is committed to an Injury Free Workplace philosophy with the sole purpose of eliminating accidents on the project work site.  Our employees are our greatest and most valuable asset and nothing we do is more important than ensuring that they return home safely each and every day.  

The Safety Process we establish is firmly based on this philosophy and implemented by focusing on three key process elements.  

  1. Leadership: Where safety becomes a value rather than a priority.  
  2. Behavior: Developing an acceptance & commitment to safety by choice rather than imposed compliance.  
  3. Environment: Maintaining the safety culture at a state of high morale.  

VK Powell is constantly reevaluating its safety program in order to adapt to the ever changing construction industry.